Beer'lympics Rules and Regulations

  • 4 person teams

  • Registration is $40 (donation) per team

  • Team members must be 21 or older (and should probably like to drink beer).

  • Your team needs a team name and a captain when you register. Uniforms are optional but highly recommended. Flags, if made, will be hung in the yard and uniforms should be something you would wear in a public place (not that that would cut out much for most of you).


  • Members may include anyone you know, however teams who have placed in prior years are taken first.

  • All team members will be required to sign a waiver at the sign-in.

Team Captains

  • You are responsible for YOUR team! This includes reminders that they may have missed, and of course making sure they show up for the event on time.

  • Team Captains are responsible for getting their team registered. They should submit the money for their team on time! Contact us to give your donation.

  • You must also be responsible to know where your team members need to be throughout the games  and also for their behavior during the games.

General Rules

  • Spectators are welcome, in fact we would love to have people come have fun and raise some money.

  • There will be a registration table, your team must check in before the start time. No late entries.

  • You may substitute any of your team members and as many as you have to before the games but once the games begin all members must finish the games (as with anything else, emergencies are understood but will fall to the judges discretion.)

  • As said before, your WHOLE team must be able to compete in any event that requires it. If one of your members cannot compete in an event, you will be disqualified from that event.

  • Each game will have it's own set of rules (ie; timed, chugging, physical, etc). While breaking some of these rules will only cause you to suffer penalties for that game, some will cause you to be disqualified. These will be listed with the rules for each event.

  • There will be judges and refs to keep the games fair and moving. Their decisions are final and while we will have proper rules for challenging the ref calls, arguing with them to the point that you are slowing down the games will cause you and your team to be disqualified from that event.

  • While these are games, boxing and wrestling are not one of them. NO fighting will be tolerated at the Beer'lympics. This is a chance for all of us to get together and have a fun time. While playful ribbing and jeers of all sorts are to be expected in any event like this, anything that crosses the line to the point of arguing, "wrestling", or fighting, will get you and your team disqualified and you will personally be asked to leave the premises and not return. Team captains are to keep your team in check!

  • Some people may think puking is a valid way to win, however please make note that our refs will be watching for any vomiting. If you are caught doing this during or within 10 minutes after you have competed in an event, you will be disqualified. This rule is to protect you from over drinking. We do not promote drinking until you are sick or suffer alcohol poisoning.

  • If your team is called to an event, you must be ready to go. There will be downtime in between games for teams even though we will try to keep the games moving as smooth as possible, if your team is not where it needs to be within a reasonable amount of time, your team may be disqualified at the judge's discretion.


  • We will be allowing people to bring their own drinks, however if you are competing, liquor is NOT a good idea. Don't forget your own cooler and ice.

  • Raffle baskets must be picked up within one month after the event date. Any baskets still held by the staff after that will be broke down and used for the following year. Please be sure to add your number or a way for us to contact you on the tickets!