Neil Stough - Organizer

Jessica Stough - Secretary

Katrina Rivera - Tresurer

Ryan Griffen - Creative Director

Matthew Miller - Social Media Director

Sarah Miller - Photography Director

Charles Smith - Games Director

Jeremiah Postlethwait - Staff Director

    Established in 2012, the mission of the York Beer’Lympics is to give back to our local Troops by holding an annual fundraising event. Through local business donations and the help of family and friends, we are able to successfully support our hometown heroes.

    In 2014, we sponsored the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation and we knew we found a group to stick with! They are always excited to be a part of our efforts and you can be happy to know that all volunteers are locals that do not get paid, so your money goes directly to the charity! In fact we are proud to say we donate 100% of all funds raised by this event to this amazing charity that helps veterans and their families. So show up, donate some money, and give toward a great cause!